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2nd UCL & Barts Heart Centre Translational Electrophysiology Symposium

June 17

£20 – £50


9 am Intro & Welcome- P.Lambiase

Translating Molecular Basic Science to Therapy

Chairs- Prof. Munroe, Prof. Andrew Tinker, Prof. Elijah Behr

9.10-9.25  Novel approaches to investigating the ionic basis of arrhythmia in the genomic era  :

Prof. Andrew Tinker-QMUL

9.25-9.40 Translating genetic data into risk profiling and therapeutic targeting

Professor Lia Crotti, University of Pavia

9.40-9.55 Gene editing-A viable future therapy for arrhythmias?


9.55-10.15 Panel Discussion

10.15-10.40 Key Note: Prof Lior Gepstein

Applications of Optogenetics to Clinical Electrophysiology

 Coffee Break 10.40-11.10

Myocardial Substrate

Chairs: Prof. R. Schilling, Dr Magdi Saba, Prof. Blanca Rodriguez, Mark O’Neill

11.15-11.30 The current & future role of imaging in dissecting arrhythmogenic substrate to improve therapeutic outcomes  –Dr Charlotte Manisty, UCL & BHC

11.30-11.45 The role of substrate mapping in predicting VT circuits

Prof. Pier Lambiase

11.45-12.00 Optimising lesion delivery in the atrium and the ventricle-

Where are we now and where should we be going?

Prof. Mark O’Neill, St Thomas’ Hospital


Brachytherapy for VT –A  Viable therapeutic strategy for the future?

Dr Phillip CuculichWashington University, St Louis USA

12.15-12.35 Panel Discussion

             12.35-1pm   Key Note– Prof. Natalia Trayanova, John Hopkins USA

The Role of Computational Modeling in Predicting Risk and Optimising  VT ablation

1pm-2pm Lunch


 Chairs: Prof. Peng-Sheng Chen

 2-2.20 Predicting risk from the autonomic nervous system

Professor Rizas, Germany

 2.20-2.40 Why are Oscillations Important?

Prof. Peter Taggart

2.40- 3.15 pm

Key Note Lecture – Prof. Yoram Rudy

The Story of ECG-Imaging from Concepts to Clinical Application

3.30-4pm Tea

 4pm -4.45pm Debate:

Chairs: Prof. Peng-Shen Chen & Mark O’Neill

“ECG-Imaging does not have the resolution to be of widespread clinical value”

Prof. Jaswinder Gill-Pro Against- Dr Phillip Cuculich

4-4.15 Pro-Prof. Gill

4.15-4.30 Contra-Dr Cuculich

4.30-4.35 Prof.Gill Rebuttal

4.35-4.40 Dr Cuculich Rebuttal

4.40-4.50 Q&A

4.50-5.15 Key Note

 Future Horizons in Clinical Electrophysiology

Professor Peng-Shen Chen, Editor Heart Rhythm

Concluding Remarks – Profs. Mark Caulfield, Pier Lambiase

5.30 Drinks reception


St Barts Hosptial
London, EC1A 7BE United Kingdom