Cardiology Calendar aims to make organising your training/CpD easier. The filter bar on the left of the main calendar page allows you to refine results by event category (subspecialities and deaneries), organiser, price and location.  Events in the main ‘month view’ calendar can be clicked on to provide more detailed information, including in most cases a link to the website of the organiser and details of locations/times/prices.

There is a ‘search’ option at the top which will allow you to search for a keyword within a particular month if you are in ‘view as month’, or in the entire calendar if you are in ‘view as list’.

For Trainees

If you are a trainee, use the ‘filter’ (1) on the left hand side of the main calendar to select just your deanery, then click on the ‘month’ (2) and alter the view to ‘list’.

Then click on the ‘export’ button at the bottom of the list to download a file of all the events for your deanery.  This can then be added to your google calendar by clicking on the ‘+’ next to ‘Add a friends calendar’ and select ‘Import’ from the dropdown menu and select the location of the downloaded file.

Be aware this will download the events as listed – it won’t update automatically if additional events are listed or details change.


Webcal link for entire calendar

To add the entire cardiology calendar to your Google calendar, click on the ‘+’ next to ‘Add a friends calendar’ and select ‘Add URL’ from the dropdown menu and enter:



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